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To-Do List




Command Protocol

12. June 2005:

I know of some minor bugs that I will look at next. Then maybe it's time to add some unit tests to get rid of some of the bugs I've missed. :-)

As usual it's pain in the b*** to recruit dedicated people, but a few ones may stick around long enough to actually produce som code. I've got one who's interested in developing a GUI client, and another who said he'd do an installer. And of course then there's Erik who's already looking into the X10 module.

What I'll do next depends on how it goes with these new people.

29. March 2005:

Next thing on the "menu" is a playback module. I was hoping to recruit some developers to work on some of the other modules, but have not had any luck yet. Pity though, since a GUI client is greatly needed... and it would certainly speed things up a bit :-).

21. November 2004:

The next thing up is to be able to change the preset names and numbers in the control panel applet. When that is done, I think I'll begin work on the playback module. Having more than one main module (which I at the time assume is always present) adds a new level of complexity to application.

14. October 2004:

The functionallity of the tuner module is progressing. Hardware Mpeg2 support has been added and sound support for these types of cards was added as well. Still missing is sound with non-mpeg2 cards. Another thing first on the to-do list is finishing the ability to change resolution as well as full screen support.

As things are right now, the need for a better client application is getting bigger, so if noone offers their help, I will have to write one myself. This is no small task (UI's never are), so of course, this will slow things down on the control center. So if you have knowledge in UI's and TCP/IP, this is where YOU come in. ;-)

18. June 2004:

A first minimal useable application has been released, though no communication protocol has been defined, yet.

The heart of the module has been changed to the manager tier, and the tuner module has been "degraded" to a main module. This means the tuner module is no longer essential. All that is needed is a minimum of one main module (either the tuner, the x10 or the video/music playback module).

The next things to do are:

  • Expand the control panel applet, so that the configuration of the Control Center happens from here. This enables the user to set the country code, to the change the video format (PAL, NTCS), and so on. These things are hard coded right now.
  • The communication protocol must be defined or at least sketched and then refined later.
  • The functionallity of the tuner module has to be expanded.

24. May 2004:

To have the first minimal useable "product", we need:

  • The heart of the system - the base module, which is the tuner module.
  • The control of the system will happen through clients connected to the system via TCP/IP, so client/server API-classes are needed.
  • In order for the clients and server to understand each other an API communication protocol must be defined.
  • Lastly a client must be implemented in order to control the system.